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Our work is top quality, efficient, and above all others.  Our customer's privacy is also a top concern for us as well.  We value and respect all privacy aspects when it comes to the building and installation of underground shelters.  Our hand-picked crew share the same mindset, as we do not outsource our work to just any contractors or tradesmen.  That's our promise to you!

    Our specialty is with round corrugated steel structures.  this is the strongest, yet most economical way to build an underground structure.  We custom build to meet the size and requirements of our customers.  We also cater to the"Do It Yourself" type.  You can hire us to help you become your own contractor and build the shelter yourself with our help and expertise.  This method can save you tens of thousands of dollars.  We will guide you through the same process we build with, as we do not need our own shop, and neither will you!  This will also save on shipping as you can have the parts needed to build made closer to your state or county.  Whether you hire us to do the full build, or we help you do it yourself to save more, we are the right choice.  Check out our price guide below to help you build and design the shelter you need, then contact us for a free consultation on your shelter or other protective needs.

If you want us to build, ship and install your shelter, just contact us with the size and requirements you need.  We will beat out any other builders price for the same style shelter, all while matching or topping the quality.  Since we do custom builds, the best way to get a base idea of your shelters price is to decide if you want a 10' diameter shelter or an 8' diameter shelter.  then use this price guide method to get your estimate to start with.  For 10' diameter, start with $15,000 then add $1,000 per foot for the length of your shelter.  For 8' diameter shelters, start with $12,000 then add $500 per foot for the length of your shelter.  This will give you a base price to start with before adding amenities like kitchens, bathrooms, bunk/bedrooms, and other options.  Base price gives you sub flooring, underfloor storage access doors, painted interior, 6 point locking steel security door, and steel air vents.  Once you have a good idea of the size shelter you want, contact us and we will help you from there.  We do not push sales or other "hidden fees" on our clients.  we only build what YOU want, and will not use any pressure tactics as other builders do.  We believe in an easy design and building process for all of our clients, to make the experience simple and not over priced.  All of our shelters come with a lifetime guarantee.  No other builder can match our guarantee. 



Our Promise

   Residential or Commercial

 We provide protection solutions for man-made and natural disasters with our strong, affordable, underground shelter systems.  Our company can build, ship and install our shelters anywhere in the USA.  When you hire Spartan Survival Systems for your shelter needs, you get quality service, experience and a lifetime guarantee on all of our underground shelters.  We have a no pressures sales attitude and we will help you get into the shelter you need.  Other builders will fill you with so much information about underground shelters and the equipment you need in an attempt to make you feel as if its too complicated for you to do it without their help.  It's really not that complicated at all.  Our company and experienced crew make the process easy for you, and we don't cram you with meaningless and overwhelming information.

   Our prices are the best in the business, without sacrificing quality.  We use only the best material in our builds.  When we build and deliver our shelters, we do our interior assembly on site, allowing the customer to oversee the workmen ship and material quality that goes into their shelter.  No other builder will do this.  We do not cut corners.  We have developed a way over the years of building, to minimize our overhead cost, and allow us to save thousands of dollars and pass that along to our customers.  Contact us for more information about our methods and quality customer service that overlaps all other builders.