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     Spartan was founded by Military combat veterans, to bring quality, yet very strong, underground shelter system to the market. Our company stands out by our dedicated team of veterans, engineers, welders, fabricators, and much more. We all come together to make sure your shelter is built right, build safe, and ready to stand by for any emergency, LIFETIME GUARANTEED. We have a dedicated team for our in house installations, because your privacy is important, and our team knows it! Another way we stand out is our ability to offer defensive solutions for our shelters. We understand the importance of camouflage, but just as important, we know what it takes to also defend your shelter if found. No one should ever be able to tamper with your shelter from the outside at their will. Our custom designed defense solutions will make anyone who happens to find your shelter, regret it. We offer special discounts to Military and First Responders! So contact us for a free consultation, and see why we are your best choice for your protective needs. Be safe, buy Spartan.

    Our company does more than just underground shelters.  We can make custom upgrades to most any home, making it capable of offering great protection on many disasters.  We work with clients who own land to make great bug-out locations.  Don't have land, but would like a bug-out location?  Just contact us, as we can help find the best location to meet your needs and construct a great bug-out location.  We handle the whole process, from start to finish.

     Our experienced team of combat veterans knows a thing or two about defensive measures.

Our Promise



Our work is top quality, efficient, and above all others.  Our customer's privacy is also a top concern for us as well.  We value and respect all privacy aspects when it comes to the building and installation of underground shelters.  Our hand-picked crew share the same mindset, as we do not outsource our work to just any contractors or tradesmen.  That's our promise to you!

The raw material for galvanized corrugated steel pipe production is certified in accordance with the following standards:

AASHTO    M218    Steel sheet, zinc-coated (galvanized), for corrugated steel pipe

ASTM         A929    Specifications for steel sheet, metallic-coated by the hot-dip process for corrugated steel pipe