The VA System is designed so it can be manually operated in case of power failure. This filtration unit is designed to filter out impurities in the air such as chemical warfare and radioactive particles etc. This Product was designed and manufactured according to the directives of the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Defense. Type tested and approved by the Armament Technology and Procurement Group.

Shown here are the 60 & 120 CFM Safe Cell, a backup hand crank, two blast valves (one for the intake and one for the outflow), an overpressure valve, an automatic ventilation blower.  Everything you need to turn your underground shelter into a blast protected collective protection safe room.


  • 60 CFM Safe Cell          $4,700
  • 120 CFM Safe Cell        $7,200

Solar Power Kits/ Battery Banks

   Our kits range from 100 watts and up.  Starts at  $800

Generator Pod

    This attached pod features a diesel generator with a remote start from inside your main shelter.  It contains its own exhaust vent, with additional noise dampening integrated into the system to reduce ground-level noise.   Access this pod through a separate sealed door without leaving the security of your underground system.     $18,500

Escape Shafts

   These escape shafts can be outfitted on any shelter.  Features a 48" DIA tunnel that leads to a blast hatch hidden at the surface.  Starts at  $3,500


  • ANDAIR Swiss Filter VA150     $8,500
  • ANDAIR Swiss Filter VA75       $7,500
  • ANDAIR Swiss filter VA40        $6,500