We're passionate about safety, and in our current world we live in, threats and disasters are always lurking near by.  We've seen civil unrest, riots, looting, natural weather disasters, and biological threats, like viruses and diseases. Terrorist attacks, chemical weapons, and nuclear threats.  As we all hope these things never happen, the reality is, they very well can, and preparing now, can increase you or your families chances of safety and survivability.




SINCE 2013



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Why Choose Us

One thing you cannot get from any training is real word experience.  We like to emphasize this, as many companies who claim to be the best choice for these services, lacks this experience, and can set you up for failure.

We’re committed to your safety and security.


We have a dedicated team of professionals, with years of real world experience and training in many emergencies.  Our team also values client privacy, which is very important when preparing for disasters or setting up security..