Spartan Survival Systems carries a full line up of firearms, ammo, survival gear, medical supplies, and accessories.  We are a one-stop-shop for emergency readiness

Custom Builder/ Retailer





  We are a reputable contractor/builder of underground shelters.  We can build, ship and install under ground shelters any where is the US.  Our quality service and craftsmen ship is unmatched and our prices our are very competitive.

We are no just builders, we provide emergency readiness training and advice.


  Spartan Survival Systems has many years experience in security, protection and more!  

We don't bolt our floors through the structure.  Never will we do anything to compromise the integrity of our structure by punching multiple holes, and bolting our floors to the structure.  These shelters are made to flex with ground movement, and we are the only builders who use a floating floor process to ensure the structure maintains its designed strength, and flexibility, without being constrained by the floor.  We also space our joist to building code, meaning we use more material, and gain longer-lasting, stronger interior construction. 



Our Low Prices

​Our company provides an 8' Diameter Foyer that connects from your primary entrance shaft, to your main shelter, & features its own floor system with underfloor storage, expanding your supply storage capabilities beyond your main living area.  

What We Do:

Our company was founded in 2012 by combat military veterans and is veteran owned/operated today!  We bring more real-life experience with us and pass that on to help our customers get what they need for their emergency readiness.  

We handle the whole process of building, shipping, and installation.  Our handpicked installation team is dedicated to customer privacy.  All documents are given to our customer and we destroy them on our end once the shelter is installed.  This means we will have no record of names or locations on file.  You keep your documents to use if any issues arrive with your shelter that we need to address.  Our shelters are LIFETIME GUARANTEED! 

  At Spartan Survival Systems, we've put together a trusted team of designers, tradesmen, engineers and security professional .  We have developed trusted partnerships with reliable fabrication companies, allowing us to have far less overhead then other builders.  This keeps our cost low, and quality high.  We then pass the savings to our clients.  Check us out and see for yourself how we can save you thousands of dollars when you build through us.  

We build our interiors ON SITE!  That's right, we build on the site so our customers can see the process, make any last-minute changes, and know the quality of material and craftsmanship that goes into our shelters.   

We take a defensive mindset to our underground shelters.  Defensive capabilities are just as important as the camouflage we incorporate into our systems.  Your underground shelter is meant to keep you safe, not be your tomb.  Don't settle on just hiding it, PROTECT IT!  That's where our training and experience come in.  With each shelter we put in, we have a dedicated, and experienced team member consults you on-site with tips and training on how to better protect yourself, your home, and your new shelter.  This is FREE with your shelter purchase.